EasyTrak Update History


Version History
NOTE: The current Software update includes all previous updates.

Program changes currently under construction:
- MYSQL Cloud server connection for central updates.
- Easytrak reporting and maintenance is going Cloud and pCloud .

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Team Leader registrations handling changes for employee's not allocated to a team.

Team Leader Registrations handling of employee for current day current Team.
(group registration handling)

USB windows HID device compatabilty added.
(Computer can not be used for any other windows programs)

Easytrak setup allows for Computer setup or Windows User setup in windows registry.

Buzzer or sirens for start of shifts or breaks management.

EasyTrak Clocks ON and Off as it is used, to track software shutdown.

Employees are clocked of auomatically after a set number of hours at a set time.

Display description for the Barcode and not simply the code

- Employees can specify the shift they are working on, when EasyTrak is used as a Self Roster Time clock for Time& Attendance.

- Added the ability to specify Report printer and Label printer for automated reports.

- You can now allocate a company to a employee, so that you can print Time sheets for contract staff. Barcode printing for Company's so that when the barcode is scanned a new employee barcode is printed automatically ready for use.

- Automatic Clock off for for set time for previous day when staff fail too. Enquiry screen visually improved and additional reports added under the Right Click option.

- Job Sheet printing added to Job maintenance Form. Job Sheets are customised for each customer on Request. Basic Template included with this Update.

- Additional interface added for Jobs Plus.

- Rectified issue during Adding/Splitting adjustments on Master PC.

- Minor Program Update. - Includes additional file to register. Ask your computer IT person to register "P2bbnd.dll". This will overcome the Database Error that occurs in Windows from time to time.

-Database Sync made available so that EasyTrak machines may operate without a server connection. Data is automatically Sync'd when server becomes available again. -Error logs introduce in an attempt to trap unknown issues related to Machine or Operating system. "
-Includes Minor update 2006.2.17.
-Added the ability to "Automatic acceptance" or "refuse" Unknown Barcode formats. This can be utilised for example when your customer supplies Product Barcodes as job numbers for tracking."
-Confirmation that registration adjustment must take place after Start or Job has been completed.
-Only one copy of the program can be running at any one time!!
-You can now specify minimum hours between shift starts.
This assists with calculating staff hours for night shift
-Fixed problem when system returns from hidden state when used on a shared Computer.
-Automatic minimise after OK is optional.
-Message display after OK is now optional

-Disabled recalculation of time for Finish type registrations during the modification of registrations
-Added confirmation message when deleting in enquiry screen.
-Moved Delete on drop down menu to bottom of menu.

-EasyTrak Customers utilising REALTIME for Time & Attendance now only need maintain staff ID's in one program!
     Realtime Automatically creates Staff records ready for minor adjustments if the staff ID does not exist, utilising existing Default Staff Template.

-Display helpful message after OK is Scanned/Selected or Automatically completed, to show successful recording.

-Automatic recording added when a Employee ID and ClockIN or ClockOUT is scanned.
No need to scan OK. This feature is turned ON or OFF in System Options

-Display Descriptions for Employee, JOB, Operation codes under each. Only available for Serial barcode reader option

-added clearing feature for old data. Found in Options-->Maintenance-->Clear History
-New card ID numbers added to system automatically
-When adding new Employee ID's system will automatically give next available number.
-added printing of Employee ID Cards for laminating.

-Fixed fault when setting up alternative database in options.
-Added ability to print Barcodes for Employees, JOBS, Operation etc on Standard AVERY LABELS.
-Added the ability to adjust Automatic CLEAR out TIME for uncompleted transactions.
-New Job Barcodes Automatically added to system when first READ by Scanner.
-EasyTrak Reports now available for installation on individual PC on network.