The simplest way to track your personnel daily movements!

AsUDoIt™ is a simple & effective Iphone, Ipad, iPod or Android Application that records you daily movements "As you are doing them". With AsUDoIt or "as you do it", a 100% Australian designed solution for recording start & finish for anything you are doing during the day in a fast, secure, accurate & simple manner, whilest on the move.

AsUDoIt™ is sufficiently light on system resources.

Available from the or from

AsUDoIt™ or "as you do it" would have to be the simplest entry level Time recording system for small to large businesses. Track your daily movements or your staffs’ daily movements as they occur.

AsUDoIt™ or "as you do it" does this simply by utilising electronic Q Cards for the daily tasks.
Record your various tasks and even expenses as they occur.


No need to select the time and date for each task you start, AsUDoIt™ or "as you do it" does it all for you.
You can evene manage completed tasks or jobs in your existing calendar system at a later time after completion.
See where your time goes AsUDoIt™.

It all starts as a Job attached to a Contact from your devices address book ( or free text).

AsUDoIt™s’ principle rule is “You can perform one task at a time” for any one job at any time. All you need to worry about is WHAT AM I DOING NOW!!, AsUDoIt™ or "as you do it" takes care of the rest. The job for a contact (customer) is only completed when you select DONE.

Great for freelancers and small business teams.

No need for any special software on your PC or Mac.
It is all recorded on to your mobile devices calendar, of your choice, and with the utilisation of iCloud it is synced to your PC or Mac back at your office or the shared Company Calendar.
Put simply AsUDoIt™ or "as you do it" utilises Q Cards which are grouped by categories.

Some category examples:

Property Maintenance Service eg:

Site Visit, Phone Call, Maintenance, Parts

Computer technician eg:

Software, Hardware, network, Phone call, Parts

Expenses eg:

Parking, meals, fuel, kms, litres etc…..

You have control of the Category detail and the task detail with in each category. Each Category will grow with choices that you identify with as your daily operational tasks, processes or functions. AsUDoIt™ or "as you do it" makes it easy for you to record the work times for any service company — building trade contracting, HVAC/R service, mechanical, electrical or plumbing — from paper to PC without changing your processes. Your mobile device replaces your paper. Online or Offline does not impact AsUDoIt™, the simplest way for the small business operator to record his/her movements and work as it occurs.

Free Version has the following restriction:
1. Maximum Number of categories ...5
2. Maximum Number of items within a category ....5

Paid Version has no restrictions.

Ask yourself, does this sound like you?

  • Always in a hurry to get the job or task done?
  • Can't keep up with recording tasks as they occur?
  • Tired of "Information Overload?” At the end of the day?
  • Need more time for work and not paper work?
  • On the go from one job to the next?
  • Frequently having to reflect what the hell you did today?
  • Quickly forgetting most of what you have done?

  • If your answer to any of these questions is YES!-you need
    AsUDoIt™! or "as you do it"

You will easily learn to:

  • Record you daily task as they occur with your Q Cards.
  • Information on each task is recorded as it occurs quickly and effectively.
  • The time between each task is recorded completely automatically.
  • Manage time more efficiently by having more time to do! than to record. Customer satisfaction with detailed invoices of works performed quickly and accurately.
  • Increase your income
  • Improve your service with additional time saved

    Most of us work one job or task at a time just because we have always done it that way.
    Try it from the or from You wont be disapointed.