About Advanced Time Systems

Our Parent company Penticom Pty Ltd is now 24 years old

The Realtime for Windows system has been in various stages of development, release and marketing now for over 20 years.

With the release of the Windows-based system officially on February 1, 1993 the product became the first fully Australian designed Windows-based Time & Attendance system available to the Australian market.

There are hundreds of individual users of the system Australia wide and much of their valuable feedback has resulted in improvements and enhancements to our systems.

The outstanding scaleability of the Realtime for Windows System lies in its simple design and features:

  • Microsoft Windows compatible, 100% Australian made software.
  • Computerised electronic timeclock to capture employee registrations.
  • Modular design which allows customisation to meet specific client's requirements.
  • Optional interfaces to accounting, payroll, MIS, Job Costing and human resource management systems.
  • Totally flexible shift formats, pay-rates and overtime structures.
  • No limit on different shifts/rosters.
  • No restriction on hours worked.
  • Penalty and/or triggered overtime payments.
  • Daily reports for absentee, shift and overtime monitoring
  • Exceptions reporting
  • Job Costing, Shift Rostering and Access Control options.

In 2000 we converted the DOS version of Realtime Job Costing to a Windows-based version called EasyTrak. After years of development to meet customer requirements, the need for EasyTrak management software was recognised and subsequently developed, which greatly extends the customer / service-provider relationship with automatic reporting, product traceablity and new product management.